18th bday was today! had a grand ole time. ma got me a print from James Dean(artist and creator of Pete the Cat) and it was the parody of The Creation of Adam which is just so silly and i love it sm, brother got me this big ass shadow the hedgehog plush head, my dad got me some garfield merch, and my cousin n gram got me a monster high hoodie. the harvest this year has been bountiful, truly. one of the garf things was a replacement for my old garf sweats which just have nothing left of the images. family friends came over for cake:) summary: i had a good time lol.


spring break over:(((( senior assassins starts today tho so im supes excited. todays safety is wearing college merch so i have my dads old sweatshirt with the biggest dumbest hole on the right arm. my birthdays in 2 days also!!!! very excited for the week. plus its an even day so i dont have a first period:)))